Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Value Added And Multimedia Services In Poland 2014 Development Forecasts For 2014-2018 - Market Share, Growth


Which value added and multimedia services are most in demand in Poland?

Report analyses market value, structure, and forecasts for development to 2018.
More and more, Polish consumers are availing themselves of the growing number of value-added and multimedia services made available by mobile and fixed-line telephony, mobile Internet and Pay TV providers. From the latest applications to music, games and videos, consumers are eager to access the newest technologies, products and services at competitive rates.

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Value added and multimedia services in Poland 2014. Development forecasts for 2014-2018, a comprehensive study prepared by PMR's market experts, makes sense of the market for business professionals in need of a resource that describes the value, recent growth, structure, demand, delivery systems, and major service providers at work in the current Polish market. The report also analyses the potential for growth and the direction that the market is likely to take as it develops during the next four years.

Previous editions of this document have contributed historical data that provides a base from which to begin exploration of the degree of recent growth in the market's many segments and subsegments. The report informs readers about the value and structure of the market, recent growth rates, mobile Internet and Pay TV expansion, and fixed-line telephony offerings and prices.

It presents informative profiles of the industry's leading VAS and multimedia service providers that contain valuable data and examines the market’s newest trends and their effects on the top companies in the years ahead.

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This document evaluates the share of VAS and multimedia services in relation to the overall Polish telecommunications market. It provides exclusive content with regard to the value of and prospects for the vital Pay TV sector in Poland, including data organised according to specific access technology. Unique analysis of the VOD (video on demand) segment is also supplied, along with service rankings provided by market segment and top provider.

Professionals whose work will undoubtedly benefit from the review and use of this document include cable and telecommunications industry executives and marketing professionals and ICT products and services distributors. Business and financial services consultants; researchers and analysts with interests in this market will find this document to be extremely informative and easy to use.

Value added and multimedia services in Poland 2014, development forecasts for 2014-2018 is an essential resource for those seeking to begin a new business or to evaluate and modify the products portfolio of a current one. It is helpful when formulating a corporate strategy, studying the characterisitics of leading competitors and building a deeper understanding of the market and its structure, value, players and current dynamics.

Are you wondering about the future of VAS and multimedia services in Poland? This report provides reliable forecasts for each segment of this expanding market to 2018, prepared by analysts who have observed this market at length and are familiar with its performance. Order your copy today and take important decisions from a fully informed and confident perspective!

Table of Content

Methodology 9
Executive summary 15
Overview of the value-added and multimedia services market in Poland 23
Mobile value-added services market 29
Fixed-line value-added services market 67
Mobile internet market 77
Pay television market 89
List of graphs 119
List of tables 123
About PMR 124

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