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OTC Market In Poland 2013 - Market Share, Growth, Forecast


How has the Reimbursement Act of 2012 changed Polands OTC market?

Report assesses current value and opportunity, forecasts upcoming changes for 2013-2015.

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Since 2008, the expert market analysts at PMR have monitored Polands over the counter product market. Theyve kept track of the growing number of products sold under this classification, examined new companies entering the market and kept track of distribution channels that form the countrys OTC products network.

Now, all of this historical data and updated figures and analysis are available to
professionals and other interested parties in this, the fifth edition of the publication entitled OTC market in Poland 2013, Development forecasts for 2013-2016. Dedicated to comprehensive coverage of the over the counter drug and dietary supplement segments of this growing market, the report describes recent changes, including those related to Polands Reimbursement Act of 2012.

This document demystifies consumer behavior by revealing prevailing attitudes of the Polish buying public with regard to OTC preparations. Readers will learn which products they use most, the criteria by which they choose, how often they purchase and where. Number and examples of Rx-OTC and OTC-Rx switches is presented, together with the future analysis of possible switches in Poland, on the basis on international experience.

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The report offers profiles of the leading manufacturing companies on this market, and analyses the advertising strategies followed by OTC companies, with reports on expenditures. It categorises the most popular products and predicts sales totals for the forecast period (for OTC drugs, dietary supplements, pharmacy OTC sales and non-pharmacy OTC sales). Also forecasts for leading five OTC product segments are included in this report.

The report examines key market trends and events and predicts their likely impact on sales over the forecast period, along with the strategic choices that companies are willing to make in order to increase market share. It considers spending on advertising and other strategies being used by companies to expand the marketplace.

OTC products manufacturing, sales and distribution professionals rely upon the data, expert analysis and detailed forecasts available in OTC market in Poland 2013, Development forecasts for 2013-2016. It answers many of their most commonly asked questions: How much do OTC firms spend on advertising? What is the current value of the OTC market in Poland? Which OTC products are most popular? Which companies lead the industry? What are the main categories of products in this market? How the Reimbursement Act affected sales of OTC products in Poland? How much of the overall pharmaceuticals market in Poland is occupied by OTC products?

Your business and your work product will benefit from this timely and comprehensive source of market guidance. Take advantage of all this economical and easy to access document has to offer purchase your copy today!

Table of Content

I. Methodology 11

II. Executive summary 17

III. Overview of the OTC market in Poland

IV. 2008-2016 23

V. Largest manufacturers on the OTC market 69

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