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HoReCa Market In Russia 2014 Market Analysis And Development Forecasts For 2014-2019 - Market Analysis, Share


Which trends are guiding growth in Russia’s HoReCa market as of 2014?

Report presents data, segmental analysis and forecasts for market development to 2019.
Which trends are proving to be the most influential growth drivers in the food service industry in Russia? What are the expectations for major segments and key sub-segments of the market over the next six years? What is the value of the hotel gastronomy segment in Russia? How are the restaurant and catering segments faring? Which types of dining establishments are growing more popular among Russian consumers? Which companies are the industry leaders in Russia? What are their plans for expansion?

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Consult HoReCa market in Russia 2014. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2014-2019 for answers to these and many more questions concerning potential opportunities in this complex and growing market. This unique publication supplies the latest data on sales, value and growth in the hotel gastronomy, restaurant and catering segments along with projections for future expansion.

It analyses market trends and impacts, evaluates top companies and examines the market in light of macroeconomic conditions in Russia. Readers will find that the report is a valuable asset in determining market saturation and preparing an accurate assessment
of business opportunities offered by this large and complex market.

In addition to valuation of the Russian HoReCa industry, this publication investigates the structure of the market and its key segments: hotel gastronomy, restaurants and catering enterprises. It contains breakdowns into sub-segments that include restaurants, pizzerias, fast food, cafes and drink bars, and offers the latest data describing the size and value of each, as well as carefully prepared forecasts for the direction of development in the months and years ahead.

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This document also includes the responses of 600 catering companies engaged in serving food to the Russian diners to a special survey conducted by PMR. Their answers reveal responses to significant trends, plans for future expansion, observations on the direction of market growth and preferred providers of products and supplies in support of the industry.

The report provides analysis of the macroeconomic situation in Russia and possible impacts on the country’s HoReCa market, the trends indicated by sales data for all significant market segments and sub segments and the market positions of the most successful companies operating within this huge competitive environment.

HoReCa market in Russia 2014. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2014-2019 is an excellent source of data, analysis and reliable forecasts for executives, managers and marketers active in or interested in entering this market. The information it provides is also vital to product manufacturers, distributors, potential and current investors, researchers and consultants and a host of other professionals who need to stay current on their knowledge of conditions and opportunities as they plan strategies, estimate demand and conduct saturation analyses.

Table of Content

Methodology 8
Executive summary13
Macroeconomic overview
HoReCa market 24
Ho – hotel gastronomy market  32
Re – restaurant market 56
Restaurant market – analysis of segments 74
Ca – catering market  89
Results of a survey of the food service market in Russia 106
Analysis of gastronomy supplies  132
List of graphs 148
List of tables 150
About PMR 153

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