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Public Hospitals Market In Poland 2014 Investment Plans And Comparative Analysis By Voivodship - Market Analysis, Trends


What are the plans for investment in Poland’s public hospitals market?
Report provides comparative analysis by voivodship and growth prospects in coming years.

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How many public hospitals are currently operating in Poland? What is the total number of beds provided? Which are planning investments? Which are planning to add new specialisations? What is the value of the contract with the National Health Fund (NFZ) of each of them? Which upcoming regulatory changes will affect investment in public hospitals in Poland?

Healthcare and business professionals who are searching for answers to these important questions can find them in Public hospitals market in Poland 2014, Investment plans and comparative analysis by voivodship. This valuable publication digs deep into the current market situation, providing current snapshots of the largest market participants as well as in-depth evaluation of their plans for expansion in the years ahead. This exceptional reference tool also reveals the levels of market saturation in various areas.

It offers readers convenient access to a collection of 600+ database records, useful in performing comparative analyses of the facilities, services and medical specialisations (including the number of bed for each specialisation) available in Poland. This tool is presented in easy to access Excel format. It is a timesaving resource for performing competition and saturation analysis in regions across Poland.

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The report also delivers the total number of public hospitals on the market, those planning transformations to the private sector. It examines financing choices and National Health Fund contracts, along with specific investments in the public hospitals segment planned for the coming years.

In addition, this unique document presents detailed profiles of the largest hospitals and expected regulatory changes and legal modifications that can potentially impact growth and overall market development. It offers the informative results of a recent survey of market participants that featured queries about current market conditions, prospects for growth and available opportunities for businesses considering market entry in the near future.

Public hospitals market in Poland 2014, Investment plans and comparative analysis by voivodship is an excellent resource for healthcare businesses involved in the operations of public hospitals on the Polish market, for those seeking candidates for the transformation process, management at private equity funds and at government, research and academic institutions with interest in the development of this market. It is especially effective when assessing major competitors in the industry, locating opportunities in areas underserved by specific medical specialisations at public hospitals and medical facilities, and essential to the planning of new hospitals within the regions and specialties that offer the most opportunity across the Polish market.

Take advantage of the value offered by this comprehensive market reference tool – order your copy today!

Table of Content

1. Methodology 7

2. Executive summary 14

3. Overview of the public hospitals market in Poland 17

4. Growth prospects for the public hospitals sector in Poland 2014-2018 38

5. Results of the survey conducted among public hospitals in Poland 58

6. Overview and assessment of the growth potential for the most attractive specialisations 73

7. Profiles of selected public hospitals in Poland 106

8. Overview of public hospitals in individual voivodships  135

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