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Private Healthcare Market In Poland 2014 Development Forecasts For 2014-2018 - Market Analysis, Forecast


Assess potential opportunity in Polands private healthcare market.

Report analyses current conditions and offers development forecasts to 2018. 

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What is the current value of Polands private healthcare market? How many private hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are operating in Poland? What are the expected growth statistics for this market during the period from 2014-2018? Which types of healthcare services are included in medical insurance policies and through health subscription services? What percentage of the Polish population turns to this market to meet its healthcare needs?

Private healthcare market in Poland 2014, development forecasts for 2014-2018 provides concise yet comprehensive answers to these questions and many more. This innovative report from PMR examines Polands medical services and health insurance companies and their offerings and provides complete value data for the market and key segments. It lists the medical services available privately and assesses the range of coverage provided by top medical insurers.

This report offers wide-ranging coverage of the market via two supplementary databases: Comparison of offer of private health insurers in Poland and Comparison of offer of private medical firms in Poland, 2014. These convenient Excel documents evaluate insurance coverage and service provision by major companies according to top categories such as primary care, laboratory testing, emergency care, medical transport, surgical, hospital, immunizations, pregnancy and pediatric, dental and rehabilitative care and more.

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The publication presents the preferences of Polish consumers in terms of private healthcare, listing the top services, most frequently used clinics, and percentage of the privately insured public. It discusses the influence of medical insurance coverage as a benefit of employment and examines the status of workplace clinics and medical tourism in Poland.

Polands major private medical services companies are examined in terms of the total number of facilities in operation, strategic plans for expansion, financial data and overall market share. The report provides a count of clinics, hospitals and other service points within Polands private healthcare system, along with plans for new construction and expansions of currently existing facilities.

In addition to the complete coverage provided in the body of the report and in the two supplementary documents, this report offers forecasts for growth and development in Polands private healthcare market to 2018. Users will learn about expected market demand for services, upcoming regulatory changes and trends and the markets ability to grow and prosper in the years ahead.

Private healthcare market in Poland 2014, development forecasts for 2014-2018 is a must-have resource for professionals engaged in the private health insurance sector in Poland and in the provision of medical services in the private sector. It is also incredibly useful to interested parties operating in the research, consulting, governmental and financial services arenas and integral to tasks such as market entry and expansion, strategic planning and assessing the possibilities for further market growth.

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Table of Content

I. Methodology 8

II. Executive summary 15

III. Overview of the private healthcare market in Poland 20

IV. Market of private health insurance 42

V. Market of private medical companies in Poland 70

VI. Other non-public healthcare facilities in Poland 128

VII. Medical tourism 147

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