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Dietary Supplements Market In Poland 2014 Development Forecasts For 2014-2018 - Market Trends, Analysis, Share


Benefit from complete analysis of Poland’s market for dietary supplements.

Report includes historical and current data, forecasts development for 2014-2018.

How has the market for dietary supplements in Poland changed since 2011? What types of changes are predicted for the next five years? Which companies dominate the pharmacy shelves and which products boast the highest sales totals? What are the opinions of experienced professionals in this market with regard to future development? Which factors appear to block or stimulate market growth? How long and/or complicated is the approval process for introduction of new dietary supplements to the Polish market?
These questions, along with many others, have been answered in PMR’s comprehensive market publication Dietary supplements market in Poland 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2018. This report targets the information needs of product manufacturers and distributors – particularly those on the lookout for appropriate M&A candidates – with the goal of providing all they need to succeed in this high-potential industry.

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The document provides insightful analysis of the overall market. It compares results from a recent corporate survey to those of a surveys completed in 2007 and 2011, analysing the changes that have occurred in the market and pinpointing the contributing factors responsible. The future of the market is represented in predictions for growth and expansion to 2018 prepared by PMR experts with years of experience in market observation.

Poland’s legal and regulatory processes are outlined and analysed within the publication, which traces the path of a new dietary supplement product from research and development through final approval for sale. All steps within this key process are described and analysed, and additional regulatory issues, such as those governing use of ingredients and health and nutrition claims are explored.

The report offers a detailed analysis of Poland’s dietary supplement distribution network and its major channels, categorises products and supplies the appropriate epidemiological data for each group. It provides profiles of the market’s top companies, also in categories analysed, and a supplementary Excel database that supplies records of approximately
300 companies: manufacturers and distributors, providing the following for each:
complete company name, key operations (production, distribution, etc.) physical address,
phone and fax contact numbers, email and website addresses and lists of dietary supplements prepared for and sold on the Polish market.

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Dietary supplements market in Poland 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2018 is especially useful to industry professionals such as manufacturers and distributors as they prepare to enter this market, develop new products and prepare them for launch. It is essential to investment professionals looking for new opportunities in this market and manufacturers seeking guidance with regard to the approval process and other legal and regulatory aspects of the market.

Those interested in competition research will appreciate the Database of firms on the dietary supplement market in Poland as an essential asset in determining the number, type and strength of competing businesses, and they will learn more about the competitive landscape from the survey responses of past and current market participants.

Table of Content

Methodology 11
Executive summary 17
Overview of the dietary supplements market in Poland 23
Analysis of individual categories of dietary supplements 43
Results of a survey conducted among 190 companies engaged in the dietary supplements trade in Poland  85
Key players on the dietary supplements market in Poland 111
Advertising of dietary supplements 153
Legal environment 157
Distribution of dietary supplements in Poland 167
Consumer behaviours 171
List of graphs 175
List of tables 180
About PMR 185

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