Monday, September 9, 2013

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate: Game Overview Available At

Publisher:      Warner Bros
Developer:     Armature Studio
Genre:               Action, Adventure
Release Date:
October 25 2013

In his approach to end Penguin, Catwoman once again fulfills upwards along with Batman, and informs him of a fighting contest Penguin is hosting. After going to the contest, Penguin declares that Batman has to fight Bronze Tiger till the death. Bronze Tiger, who is reluctant to fight Batman, does so but Batman is able to knock him unconscious. As Penguin’s men begin to attack, Bronze Tiger regains consciousness, and is able to injure Penguin and hold off his men long enough for Batman to pursue Penguin.After that stunt Batman catches up to him and then defeat him. Batman learns Black Mask is attempting to overload Blackgate’s power generators, causing a chain reaction which shall destroy his rivals. Batman encounters and defeats Solomon Grundy on his way to stopping Black Mask.

Just After defeating pcyco Joker, Penguin, Black Mask, Batman enter inside into Arkham Wing where the hostages are being held.But When he reaches there, he does not find any hostages, only Bane. After that shocking instant Catwoman tells him that there were never any hostages, that Bane was the target she was hired to recover. Batman pursues Catwoman to the docks and confronts her.

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